Picky Pumice Fully Covered Picking stone Purple Color

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This Listing is for a Purple Color  fully  painted stone kit as shown in the pictures.

you will receive:

One prefilled Fully painted  pumice stone

One 30ml squeeze bottle , purple color.

One metal picky tool


How it works:
- You will receive one lava stone. Both sides will have the craters pre-filled with our special glue. You will need a metal picking tool to pick at the pre-filled craters included in this package.

The colorful Filler for these stones are made out of a natural latex formula which is non-toxic. Please do NOT ingest! Be aware if you have any latex allergies prior to purchasing this item. Also, we would like to note that this is not a toy. The stone, special glue and the metal picking tool should all be handled under adult supervision. These products are NOT intended for children.

All Lava rocks are different size and shape as this is a natural stone. You will have fun and keep busy by picking  off the filler from your stone.

Thank you for checking out our shop and we hope you enjoy!

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