Dino Egg and Mini Dino Picky Party Pads - Satisfy Your Urge to Pick, Pop and Peel Stress-Free!

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Introducing the Dino Egg with Mini Dino Picky Party Pads™ , the innovative and enjoyable way to satisfy your natural urge to pick, peel, and dig. This is the perfect pocket size for on the go, providing a tactile and satisfying experience.


-3D Printed Dino egg (Color Gradient will vary)

-6 Mini Dino Picky Party Pads (Dinosaur shapes and beads may vary)


Textured Fun: Packed with beads (Bead Design, sizes and color might vary depending on availability.) The Pick Party™ Picky Pad offers a delightful alternative to picking at your skin or nails.


Stress Relief - Channel your fidgeting and stress into a positive and satisfying experience with the Pick Party Pad.™

Skin-Friendly Alternative - Instead of picking at your skin, indulge in the textured fun picky pad for a safer and healthier outlet.


Material: Transparent Silicone

Odor: None

Say goodbye to the stress of picking at your skin and say hello to a Picky Party Pad™!


This product contains choking hazards. Not for use by small children. Adult supervision required

⚠️ Do NOT ingest - Avoid contact with eyes - Product cannot be removed from fabric or clothing. If in contact with skin, wash with soap immediately - Not recommended for people with silicone or latex allergies.⚠️

Picky Party Pad™ is a registered trademark under Picky Party™ and a copyrighted design. Attempts to copy, sell or redistribute this product for profit will be met with legal action under intellectual property infringement law.