Picky Clicky™ Clicking fidget with Grey/Orange textured sides Anxiety relief and easy travel fidget toy with sensory feedback design.

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Welcome to Picky Party!

Let me introduce the Picky Clicky. A 4 keycaps fidget toy with a textured base. Enjoy clicking the keys in addition to rubbing your thumb against the texture for more sensory satisfaction.
The Clicky fidget toy can be customized to your click sound preference and key cap color. The click sound/tactile switches come in two sounds that match the corresponding colors, red and blue. These colors you will not see, they will be under your caps.
Please choose from the drop down menu.

We offer 2 options of tactile switches:
Red: Soft almost silent smooth clicky sound.
Blue: Most popular tactile clicky sound soft clicky sound.

Safety Tips:
Heat Sensitivity: Avoid high temperatures or direct sunlight.
Choking Hazard: Keep away from small children.

The Picky Clicky™ is a registered trademark and USA Patent Pending Product under Picky Party®. This design is copyrighted. Any attempts to copy, sell, or redistribute this product for profit will be met with legal action under intellectual property infringement law.