Picky Party Plate Light Blue Plate

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Picky Party Plate™

Light Blue Plate/Tray

The Picky Party Plate™ is a fun and calming way to satisfy your urge to pick and remove pieces. The front and back of your Picky Plate will be prefilled with picky paint and will be ready to pick when you open your pick. You will be able to refill your plate with any or all of the three picky paints that will be included in your kit. You can decorate your picky plate any way you like! Have fun, be creative and let loose.

Both sides are perfect for finger picking, but tweezers and a dotting tool will be included if you would like a little more picking adventure.

Included in the kit:

* One Picky Party Plate™ approximately 5" pre-filled on both sides and ready to pick

* three - 1oz bottles of Picky Paint (Picky Paint does contain a natural latex)
Colors included Hot pink, yellow and caribean blue.

* A two ounce jar filled with beads and extras to fill your plate with small items to pull out of your plate

* A metal dotting tool

* A pair of tweezers

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ This product contains choking hazards and sharp instrument. Not for use by small children. Adult Supervisions is strongly advised.

Picky Paint contains latex and is not recommended for individuals with latex allergies.

Picky Party Plate™ is a registered trademark under Picky Party™ and a copyrighted design. Attempts to copy, sell or redistribute this product for profit will be met with legal action under intellectual property infringement law.