Single Silicone Refill for Picky Party Pad Tray

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Silicone refill for your Picky Party Tray. This listing is for a Single refill ONLY. (Picky Tray/Mold and beads are NOT included.)

Your Picky Party Tray can be used as a mold to create a new picky pad! This kit includes:
- Two 1oz. liquid bottles to be mixed together using a 1 to 1 ratio.
- A mixing cup to mix your liquid silicone
- A wooden stirrer
- Latex Gloves

-Step 1: open bottle and remove cap
-Step 2: Place liquid A and B into the mixing cup (Do NOT use your Picky Tray for Mixing)
-Step 3: Use the mixer to softly stir the liquid for 3 full minutes. A longer mix time will ensure the optimal picky experience.
-Step 4: Make sure your tray is clean and dry without any residue.
-Step 5: Add beads into tray and gently spread out. DO NOT OVERLOAD TRAY WITH BEADS to avoid overflow.
-Step 6: Pour mix into the picky tray/mold.
-Step 7: To dry, leave the tray on a flat level surface with ventilation for approximately 2 hours.  Our Picky Party silicone cures best 75 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours. Colder temperatures may delay the drying time. 


⚠️ Do NOT ingest - Avoid contact with eyes - Product cannot be removed from fabric or clothing.

If in contact with skin, wash with soap immediately - Not recommended for people with silicone or latex allergies.

This is not a toy Keep away from the reach of small children or pets - Adult supervision required⚠️

Picky Party Pad™ is a registered trademark under Picky Party™ and a copyrighted design. Attempts to copy, sell or redistribute this product for profit will be met with legal action under intellectual property infringement law.