Spider Sensory Picky Stone Kit

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Hi Picky Pal and welcome to the Picky Party Shop. Here you can find a sensory stone that suits you and your picking sensory needs!

With this listing you will receive:
- one prefilled fully covered caribbean blue stone with a sensory pulling strings activity.
- 2 refill bottles ( 1 ounces each ) bottles with refill color Pink and Caribbean Blue.
- one Tweezers

You can use your fingers or the tweezer included in this kit to pull out the strings from your stone.

We created this cute spider activity stone to activate the sensory of pulling the strings out of the stone. Some individuals with trichotillomania may find some comfort and relief from this activity. If you are like me, a person that struggles with anxiety, I found that pulling the strings from the stone give me a sense of relief similar to when I pick at my scalp.

Focus on your stone. Don't pick your skin

*Additional filler refills can be found in our Etsy store.

We designed these stones to help you to relax, focus and keep you too occupied to pick on your own skin. This product has helped many with their anxiety from picking at their own skin and transferred to instead picking at this activity stone which has greatly improved the appearance of their skin. This will also help you to relax and focus on something else.

The Filler for these stones are made out of a natural latex formula which is non-toxic. Please do NOT ingest! Be aware if you have any latex allergies prior to purchasing this item. Also, we would like to note that this is not a toy. The stone and Picky Paints should all be handled under adult supervision.

Thank you for checking out our shop and we hope you enjoy!

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